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What do we do?

Jun 29 2014 02:07 PM | Droid in Articles

Hello Everyone,

The inactivity on GameHunters is my fault, as I've been busy the last few months and rather than checking the forums every few hours, I now check them every few weeks. We used to be extremely active at the start of the year, it's a shame how things change so quickly.

Does anyone have any ideas for a gaming server or how we can put new life into our existing servers? I think the TeamSpeak and Minecraft are down, that's my fault too. I'll try fix that in the office tomorrow.


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Merry Christmas from GH

Dec 25 2013 11:16 AM | Droid in Articles

Hello GameHunters,

I'd like to wish you all a Merry Christmas on behalf of GH. My present for you this year is a picture of a Frog Prince.

Posted Image

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GHJail soon to arrive

Nov 29 2013 11:28 AM | n0valyfe in Articles

With an amazing effort, jail is soon to be available for play. The server availability is TBA however expect it in the next week or so.

Please watch this space for Jail to receive a final announcement, however since there are only two 'real' jail gamemodes that are available at this moment in time on garrysmod; this should be a beauty!

FOR STAFF: Please keep an eye out for information regarding the rules of jail, a couple of new staff members probably have never played Jail so an overview of the gamemode will be present in the staff section.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Kind regards,
n0valyfe and the development team

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Introducing Ghillings

Aug 22 2013 03:26 PM | Droid in Articles

Hello GHers,
Due to popular demand, we have now a Ghillings system on the server itself. This will eventually be linked to the website, but for now it's just on the servers.
You can buy weapons, ammo and hats via the system. You get G$10 for every one minute you play on the server. You can access the shop via F3 or !shop



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New Forums Launched

Jul 29 2013 01:56 PM | Droid in Articles

Hello GHers,

The wait is over, the new forums have now launched. Your existing logins will work as they did before, however a clean slate has been started. However if you still want to access all your pictures of cats, they can still be accessed at http://archive.gamehunters.co.uk which will start working soon and will be set to read-only. If you're missing your staff user level, please contact me or Cragite and I will see about getting it restored. The old forums had over 50 different user levels, so I decided to reset it and start fresh.

These are good times, our gaming servers are very popular, and if we can convert these players into sign ups, we can start growing the community.


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New Forums

Jul 24 2013 03:58 PM | Droid in Articles

Hello Hunters,

I've been working the last few weeks to set-up a new set of forums, a fresh new start to align with our relaunching process. Everything works mostly the same as before and more intergration between the forums and game servers is planned to happen.

With these changes, we're hoping we can restore GameHunters back to its former glory.


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